Some of the best free games in Android

Gamers would love to play different sorts of free games from Android. Yes, there are numerous free android games to play. This is one of the reasons that most gamers use a device with an Android platform. Usually if it is free, people take it as average or normal but the fact is that there are many free games with exciting game play. We can simply say that free games are just for time pass as there are a large number of free games with millions of fans around the world and such games are called the best games till date. Here we see some of the free games in Android but the best, favorite and most preferred games. games that dont need wifi in the play store are listed below.

Pac Man 256

 This is a classic game but the gameplay of the game is amazing and there are a lot of opportunities in this game for the players to have an intriguing time playing this game. This game is also referred to as an endless game as it unleashes endless fun. The player has to travel upwards by avoiding the ghosts. You can unlock different things all through the game if you gain more power-ups. Using power-ups the player will be able to thrash the ghosts by blasting with laser or can freeze the ghosts making them immovable. 

Leap Day

 This is a game with cartoon monsters with various interesting levels. The visual style of the game is amazing and the game play is quite entertaining. It may seem as easy to avoid all the traps and the monsters but still it is challenging. If it is easy, then you won’t find it interesting but actually this game is more challenging to have unlimited fun. 

Alto’s Adventure

In this game, the player has to traverse down rather than up and the game is truly slower than other games but it gives a relaxing experience. You will be a shepherd in this game and you have to track down your Llamas missing down the mountain. As a player, chase the Llamas and bring it back but you will have to face a lot of obstacles. Traversing down the mountain using a snowboard is an interesting part of the game. 

Mini DayZ

What an interesting Zombie survival game. This game will be most exciting as the player has to deal with the Zombie apocalypse. It is a top down game and in many places you have to face do or die situations. It will give you a fresh experience each time and is one of the best games ever on the android platform. With fantastic game play, the game has millions of players in different parts of the world. 

Lode Runner 1

This is a classic game that is famous from the DOS era. The updated version of this game is amazing as the classic game. You have to beat the evil monks, shoot them and also you can make them fall into a pit by digging the pits. It is a side scrolling game with amazing game play. 

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