The 3D sci-fi game where the player needs a lot of mastering skills!

People at all ages do have a liking for playing games and when it comes to 3D games with some of the sci-fi concepts people go crazy for it. One such game which is loved by people is games that dont need wifi. The nova game is based on the hero of the game who is named as KalWardin who strikes against the enemies of the colonial administration forces and defeats them. Player takes up the role of Wardin and can start to strike forward!

Get ready for combat

The nova legacy is not the peaceful one it is where the terror conditions stays throughout the game. Players who are getting into the game will play the roles of a shooter and try to destroy all the people who are causing chaos in the game. The kal has got his own personal agent Yelena who secretly informs everything on time. The alien mysteries and many of the mysterious concepts should be recovered by the player who loves to play the game. 

The game allows the player to test their multispecialty skills for the betterment. The deathmatch helps the player to start shooting at various speeds. The game has got 8 combatants which helps the people to test their level of shooting and crossfire hiding techniques. The deathmatch has a bullet count of 4v4 multiplayer striking force. The player can customize various kinds of outfits and skins. Even the avatar can be designed based on the player’s choice. The leaderboard for every player helps them to top up in scores. The player is given lots of motivation for topping up in the game. Even the matchmaking can be pretty easy with the help of an online matching system. 

The game can be played in every smartphone which can help players to play anywhere and anytime. The game has modern combat which helps people to stick on with technical advancements and other extraordinary weapons. Both the offline and online versions of the game are available. The single player can be played in the offline version without any stress. 

The game has got 3 modes which are 

  • Story mode
  • Shadow missions
  • Special ops

Story mode

The story mode helps the player to get into the offline version and fight for what happened. The story mode has 19 action packed FPS levels which helps the player to find out what happened to the alien invaders. 

Shadow missions

The shadow mission is about assaulting the alien forces with some of the special weapons of the battlefield. 

Special ops

The special ops helps the people to launch a critical strike on any kind of unique alien formations for war. 

These are the kinds of modes which are available in the game and help the people to stay loved with the game. It is one of the better games in which players can completely get involved and start playing for better. Defending can be quite interesting when people start playing this game.

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